Meridian Roofing Company

Sonic Roofing Serves Meridian Idaho

Sonic Roofing is proud to serve the City of Meridian, Idaho. Meridian’s growth in the past decade has been unprecedented. People from across the country continue to be drawn to this valley, especially Meridian City. Meridian is now the third largest city in the state of Idaho and its population has increased 115% since 2000; 34,000 residents in 2000 to currently over 75,000 residents. As Meridian continues to grow, Sonic Roofing is available meet the growing demands.

What Does Sonic Roofing Offer the Residents of Meridian?

Sonic Roofing offers Meridian residents quality work for a great price. We are a family owned company and we live by integrity. From the moment we arrive to present a quote to when we complete the roof, we want you to share your positive experience with others. We understand that in order to have future business here in Meridian, we need to exceed our customer expectations. The best way to earn your support is to leave you with a beautiful, safe, and pleasant experience.

Here is a list of quality services we are ready to provide to Meridian Residents: commercial roofing, residential roofing, government projects, repairs of any kind, truss replacement, wood decking replacement, fascia board replacement, metal roof application, tile shingle application, asphalt shingle application, flat roof application, wood shake application, tear off & disposal, and total clean up. We leave every Meridian property BETTER THAN WE FOUND IT!

Is Sonic Roofing a Company Meridian Can Trust?

Sonic Roofing will always do everything required, by customers and state of Idaho, in order to maintain a high level of workmanship, expectation, integrity, and within written guidelines. Within our family owned business, we treat others how we expect to be treated. We expect others to be honest and forthright; the residents of Meridian should expect the same from us.

The City of Meridian has guidelines contractors must follow in order to protect home and business owners. These guidelines also are aligned with Meridian’s expectation of providing the community with beautiful results. Sonic Roofing is registered with The Idaho Contractors Board, registration number: RCE-35664. We are also formally incorporated within the state of Idaho. We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable in Meridian’s specific roofing guidelines and we abide by these expectations, leaving you with a safe and beautiful end result. Sonic is a Roofing contractor in Meridian Idaho. Looking for a Meridian Roofing Company? You have come to the right place. Call us today at 208-501-4543.